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BRC-161 Skua SAR

A Search & Rescue Helicopter, chock full of fun play features. Detailed enough for the adult fan of LEGO, and most certainly fun enough for the kidlets (oh, who I am kidding it is fun enough for the adults too). And most importantly built sturdy enough to withstand vigorous swooshing!!!

Play Features Include:
-Working Sliding Doors
-Rear Ramp
-Interior Cabin Light
-Working Retractable Winch (Power Functions Wind-up Motor)
-Retractable Landing Gear
-Working Coaxial Rotors (rotor hub designed by Flickr user Psiaki)

Video showing play features in action:

Brick-built sliding doors work like the real thing and stand up extremely well to play.

Rear ramp for loading larger cargo and light for seeing what you are doing.

Winch system is just what the rescue crew needs when a minifig is in trouble!

Landing gear up and ready to go.

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