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Korean Tea House 'Seon-Bi Won'

Meet Korean Architecture, 'Hannok'

Have you ever traveled to South Korea?

It's one of the most modern and industrialized countries in the globe, which has many megalopolises with millions of people and endless skyscrapers.

However, the state also has unique historical and cultural features in the very heart of downtown.

Among the high-rise buildings, there are several antique and vintage architectures like old dynasty palaces, temples, and mansions that were built hundreds of years ago, as you can find in the capital city, Seoul.

Their architecture styles are, usually called 'Hannok(Korean traditional architecture)', distinguished by dark-bluish roof tiles and green-colored walls, with red and blue stripes.

Its iconic roof shape, curving and running down the top of each edge, embraces the entire appearance, and gives stability to the construction.

My work is to deliver the distinction of "Hannok" through LEGO.

What is 'Seonbi-Won('선비원' in Korean)'?

Months ago, I made a trip to Jeju, a beautiful island in the south of Korea.

There I found some 'Hannok's and they inspired my work.

'Seon-bi Won' is an old 'Hannok' style building but a modern cafe & tea house.

The name 'Seon-bi Won' means 'A forum of Seon-bi', and 'Seon-bi(선비)' in Korean history was,

"A knowledgeable person with good behavior and manners who upholds loyalty and principles.
Seon-bi is a noble character who does not covet greed."

'Seon-bi' usually was admired by other people.

Welcome to 'Seonbi-Won'!

Please enjoy tea or coffee with some desserts in the tranquil garden of 'Seonbi-Won'.

In the middle of the garden, a tiny pond and a citrus tree welcome you.

You can chill out and enjoy the vibe of 'Seonbi-Won' with family. Pets are also allowed.

The cafe has an experienced barista who provides daily brewed coffee! He can serve unique Korean tea as well. By the way, don't forget to get 10% off for a 'to-go'.

I designed this tea house as a place for people to refresh themselves.

For LEGO fans, let's take a coffee break in 'Seon-bi Won'.

Note: building works based on 'studio'

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