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Wheeler: A Transforming Robot


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   Wheeler is a robot who can transform into a red and blue semi-truck. I imagine him as a Man-made sentient robot that "went wrong" and now tries to protect humanity. Aside from the accessories( the scepter that hides his head in vehicle mode- see image 4, and the futuristic welder ), the transformation is parts-forming free (something the Kree-o line didn't even have!). So with that done, let's get into the description.

Vehicle Mode Description
   Wheeler in vehicle mode appears to be a Semi-Truck. Although gappy in places, and the head is slightly visible, this is to aid the transformation to robot mode. the front features a grill that later becomes the feet, and hood that later becomes the "boot". Some things of note: although there are a few gaps near the cab, this again, is to aid in the transformation, and provide better articulation. This in the end ends up looking like engine parts, so I figured that it was okay. The lower leg also locks into the upper leg to provide more stability. The cab of the truck features a windshield, two smokestacks, and rearview mirrors.Although there are two gaps, each on the left and the right, these are barely noticeable and make for a really interesting transformation. The back of the truck is left with a intentionally unfinished look, as that's how semi trucks usually appear. Note that the two "gaskets" on the back are meant to  make the head blend in more, and, although they use parts forming, the scepters are too small to transform otherwise.
  • First fold out the upper arms, as seen in pic. 3
  • Second, rotate the shoulder armor, as seen in pic. 4
  • Third, unclip lower leg from the upper leg, and fold up the front of the cab as seen in pic. 5
  • Forth, fold out arms,  and remove the gaskets as seen in pic. 6 (I'm not going to give instructions for the scepter and welder, as they were merely for helping vehicle mode look better)
  • Finally, pose the robot to your desire
         Reverse the instructions for vehicle mode.
Robot Mode Description:
   The robot features a poseable head, a chest, shoulder armor, poseable arms, posable legs, and two accessories, a scepter, and a welder. His head is very detailed for its size, and can be moved up, down, and side to side. His arms, although not the most detailed, are very poseable and expressive. His shoulder armor is very detailed and can be rotated, due to transformation mechanics.
his chest is detailed by the windshield that folds up from truck mode. His legs can be rotated and moved at the hips, and bent at the knees. The hood of the truck becomes the "boot", and adds a lot of detail.
Why You Should Support This Project
   This project has never been done before, and Lego Ideas would greatly benefit from the variety. In fact, the closest thing to a Lego transforming robot is the Voltron set. I believe that this product could be a great Lego Ideas set, and I hope that you guys can see this too! Let's do this together!

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