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Greenbrick Tennis Stadium


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Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the World. Great Events as Wimbledon, US Open, Roland Garros, Australia Open, Davis Cup and Masters have been played in historical tennis courts.

I have always wanted to see sports stadiums and arenas as Lego Sets. Therefore I created a tennis stadium, using real Lego Bricks, located in the fictional “Greenbrick” neighborhood in Lego City.

This tennis stadium stands over a 48 x 48 studs (38 cm x 38 cm) baseplate area. I used orange tiles to simulate a clay field.

Green is the predominant color of the stadium, and it’s mainly present in the stands and main entrance façade.


The field:

- “Clay” field built with orange tiles
- 2 player benches, each one includes 1 tennis racquet, 2 balls and sports drink bottle
- 1 Chronometer and serve speed indicator.
-1 judge seat
-Tunnel Entrance for the players

- Dark green stands with white circulation stairs

Main Stand:
- Ticket Office
- Flowers

- 4 VIP Boxes, each one include 4 minifig seats
- 1 mini-cafeteria located in the right corner including coffee maker, 2 cups, 2 seats and a table. The field can be seen from the cafeteria.
- Megaphone announcer
- 37 lights (trans-yellow 1 x 1 rounded plates)

I have used generic minifigs, but if this is a set, this will be the list:
- 2 players
- 1 judge
- Ticket woman seller
- At least 8 spectators