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Batman Arkham Origins: Deathstroke's First Attempt


Welcome, brick people to my Arkham Origins project!!

This project is based on the Batman Arkham Origins trailer, this why some might not recognize this scene. I felt the scene was really outstanding and I want to create it! The project contains two exquisite minifigures, one remarkable Batwing and an entertaining crane container. The two minifigures are Batman(Arkham Origins) and Deathstroke(Arkham Origins). These minifigures were created by me and the designs of the decals are based on Batman Arkham Origins. Each minifigure has decals all over them, front, back and the side of them. The Batman and Deathstroke minifigure both have double-sided faces, in addition, the helmet of Deathstroke has a printed designs. The Batman minifig has two expressions serious and angry. The head features a 5 o'clock shave because in the Game he has one. This minifigure comes with one batrang. The Deathstroke minifigure comes with two swords, his stick, a binocular, a gun, a hair piece and a flyer to take out the bat, which is in the crane container. He also has a normal and angry expression.

The Batwing has some remarkable features, with a push of the back button you can drop Batman like in the game. It has one missile on each side of the wings when push down the missile will shoot. This project also comes with Deathstroke's crane container. This container has some astounding features as well. When a minifigure is on a certain spot on the container, it can shoot up the minifigure when the handle is spun. The container can open its door and store Deathstroke's weapons inside of it.


  It’s two years into Batman’s career and he’s trying to protect Gotham City from the destructive criminals. Black Mask doesn’t like this and creates a 50 million target on him, with eight of the world’s deadliest assassins. First up in the round is Deathstroke, with his first attempt to draw in the dark Knight or he’ll get hostages. Help Batman by sending in the Batwing to stop Deathstroke, but watch out from the crane container’s secret spot!

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