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Back to the Future - DeLorean


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This project is DeLorean from Back to the future

2015 is a year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Back To The Future
I designed
this vehicle to commemorate it.

Including the Figures and the stand, about 4200 of brick is used for the entire set of production.

I know all the back To The Future 3 Series vehicle design is different.

I mixed the three kinds of vehicle design, made my favorite design.




Gullwing doors can be opened, the folding wheel, adjustable steering wheel angle and possible distance, trunk open.



Mr.Fusion and Flux Capacitor was also present in each of the outside and the inside of the vehicle.


Flame brick of the stand is used to represent the flame during vehicle acceleration.

Time Machine instrument panels, number plates would be represented by making the stickers.


Size of Delorean is

58 stud long, 26 stud length 18 stud height.

Thanks to read! :)


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