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Eco9er Blacktron


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First Contact:

Blacktrons have established themselves quite well in the Alpha Centauri system. An outpost on a desert planet around Proxima Centauri has detected an unidentified flying object crashing into the dunes of Mare Minoris. Eco9er is patrolling the area. Its new mission: Find the object and secure the area. Secondary mission: look for survivors and make first contact.


The Set:

Eco9er (spelling: eco niner) Blacktron consists of 3 models: The Eco9er buggy, its attached flying exosuit and the landed alien spacecraft. Furthermore 2 Blacktron astronauts and 1 alien.

The approx. amount of bricks are:

Eco9er buggy:   123 bricks

Flying exosuit:    52 bricks

Alien ship:          350 bricks

Total:                    525 bricks

Price tag should therefore be around EUR/USD 50 to 60. Actually the buggy and the exosuit would also make a small set, but it would loose on the story without the alien spaceship. No new bricks/colors used!


Model Descriptions:

Eco9er buggy: The detectors can be detached and the hose clipped to the buggy. The detector holders fold towards the inside if no detectors are placed (changing the looks of the buggy). Cockpit opens up and the radar dish moves.

Exosuit: Eco9er carries the exosuit. If detached it may walk or fly. The arms move in every direction and a minifig can easily be placed inside. The legs take a walking or a flying position. In the mechanical hands it could carry tools or miniblasters.

Alien spaceship: Canopy as well as the sides of the cockpit open up. The whole cockpit has a landing/flying and an attacking position (moving cockpit upwards), changing the looks of the spaceship and making it look aggressive. The wings can change position. The sting can be removed easily again changing the looks of the ship. Stability and playability is guaranteed in spite of SNOT and No-Stud-Up technique used. You can hold the ship quite well from the sting or from the frame.


Eco9er Idea

There are a total of 3 Eco9er versions reminding different past Lego space themes. Here you have the Blacktron version. The Eco9er Blacktron model is NOT a remake of a specific past Blacktron set. I just wanted to give Blacktron a new modern look keeping the flair of Blacktron in a new vessel.

Stay tuned to see which other Eco9er versions are ready or check the video which presents all three Eco9er versions. Stay tuned for updates!



I hope you like it and vote for it. Share and tell your friends and spread the word.


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