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Starship Eclypso


For those who enjoy having a Lego Space theme, you’ll love this set. Originally, this ship was going to be the main focus of a Stop-Motion series (still thinking about it), but building it was the tough part. I had so many ideas about what it should look like, I just put it aside for other projects. When I finally had decided to do a project, I got pieces and built a spaceship, and realized this is the perfect representation of the Eclypso as I imagined it with it’s role.

The project has one main build, which has at most 100 pieces (I made the mistake of trying to count after I built it), a smaller build (5 pieces), and the Minifig, so at most 109 pieces.

The features on The Eclypso are;

1: Adjustable Wings/ SSRPS (Six-Stud Rapid Fire Shooter)

2: Ball Jointed Thrusters

3: Swiveling Back Fins

4: Acssesible Cockpit that holds one Minifig

I hope you like this project and support it.

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