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The Acropolis

                                                                    The Acropolis
    One of the most defining creations of the ancient Greeks. A New Seven Wonders finalist. This is the Citadel of Athens; The Acropolis. It is a huge temple complex built on the "Sacred Rock" of Athens. It is supposed to give power and protection to its citizens of Athens.
                                                                 My Lego Version
    In this lego rendering, I have included the famous parthenon, complete with the statue of Greek goddess Athena inside. In front of the Parthenon, greeting those who come out of the entrance temple, is another statue of Athena, this one a towering outdoor figure, which I completed with a shield and spear, as well as a helmet, represented by a 1•1 slanted brick. I love those pieces. They are also part of the "rocks" that surround that whole acropolis. As one comes up the huge, grand staircase, you can see the huge blocks of marble that help support the entrance, as well as decorate. Throughout the rest of the model. there are many temples and buildings, all of them in the real deal. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect model of the Acropolis of Athens. Yes, there are the jagged rocks that surround the real thing, and yes, there is the outdoor statue of Athena, and the Parthenon, and yes, all of the buildings actually exist in the Acropolis. The problem is, however, that not everything is there. I spent a long time trying to get the theatre to somehow fit into the model, but it is almost impossible. Not to mention, not everything is scale, and many temples and buildings are missing. Still, I hope that it is good enough that you will put a vote forward for this, and if it wins, perhaps Lego will be able to put in more buildings and even add the theatre. Best of wishes to all of you, 

Agent 19 (Sorry about the username. Was the only one I could think of)

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