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HUN - Heavy Starfighter (Galaxy Command)


Galaxy Command

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The H.U.N. Heavy Starfighter

Early developped by the HUN to patrol and intervene in the outward colonies, this craft has heavy plating and weaponry. It proved itself during the course of the BUG wars providing air superiority and assistance during the entire conflict. Thoug th "Bugs" had enormous capital ships, they hadn't a countereffective response to these agile fighter.

The quad canons installed under each wing were deadly in air-ground assault. Also the AG - grenade dispenser was a devastating destruction raidius. underneath the cockpit a dual cannon completed the main armament. here is presented one of the latest fighters that already had a twin laser "mirage" gun mainly for outer space intervention.

However, because of such superiority against such a formidable foe, H.U.N. responsibles neglected upgrading this ship or replacing it with new ones with next generation tech. That is why during the Great Saturn Batlle, most of these ships where wiped out - surviving only those still stationed on Earth.


Hope you all like it!

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Support and join the fight against the nebulon invader.




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