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Saint Georges Du Vievre Station, France [LDD]

Saint Georges du Vievre station, France [LDD]

The station has crossing tracks with a water tap, a small coal yard and sigmaphore signals which can be controlled by means of a handle. The station has a smaller warehouse with sliding doors. On the ground floor there is a station office and, of course, a waiting room with ticket sales.

The station manager has an apartment on the 1st floor with a full kitchen and a lovely living room where his dog loves to watch TV. Both the roof and the first floor can be lifted off, just as the wall facing the road can be opened.

To complete the scenario the local freight train has just arrived and is awaiting crossing with the local pasager train.

2297 elements have been used, including 2 curved and 23 straight rails, as well as 2 switching tracks.

Near Cormeilles in Normandy in western France is the station St Georges du Vievre, which in its time was on the line Cormielles - Glos - Montfort/Risle.

The images are created in LDD, Lego Digital Designer, with the highest possible quality settings. All new tampon prints decorations are created in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to LDD standard size.

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