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Lego Double Decker Camper


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This Lego camper is fit for the whole family! It has a large bed for two minifigures and a bunk bed that can fit two also. It has a dining area that can close in and out of the side to make more room inside of the camper. There is also a little pet play area next to the living room complete with a L shaped couch and a television. At the front there is a drivers area with a big front window and two side windows for a clear view of the road. When they reach the campsite you can slip the canopy on the provide shade in front of the front door. Then minifigures can enjoy shade underneath a tree, cook in the grill, sit by the fire, and roast marshmallows! I built it because whenever I go on vacation I miss going to that place and build a replica of it. When I went camping I decided to recreate the campsite with my dream camper! I believe this would make a great Lego set because many people love the good feeling of camping with their family. It will bring back many memories and kids will create new ones!

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