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Stardew Valley Community Center

Stardew valley Community Centre

Part count: ~1800 pieces
Minifigures: 10  minifigures and 4 printed characters.

The Minifigures:

Stardew valley gets much of its charm from the variety of Pelican Town villagers that you interact with. Although I wasn’t able to include all of them, I included 10 minifigures based off of the characters Willy, Clint, Evelyn, Lewis, Penny, Krobus, Abigail, The Wizard, Maru, and Sam to flush out the community center. I also included 4 of the lovable forest spirits, the Junimos, that will help you to repair the community center in game and a variety of props and items iconic to the villagers, such as Sam’s guitar, Evelyn's cookies, and Willy’s fishing rod. 

The Build: 

In game, the community center features 6 bundles needed to be completed with various items. My build mimics that, including a brick built representation of the crafts room bundle, vault bundle, pantry bundle, fish tank bundle, bulletin board bundle, and furnace room bundle. In keeping with the game, the bundles are made of crates so you can “donate” items to the Community Centre. The build also includes the iconic Junimo Hut and the star mantle above the fireplace to fill as you complete the build. The exterior is lush with foliage, giving the model the overgrown look as in the game. The front of the model also contains the highly recognizable clock, 2 brick built flower pots,  a cobbled pathway, the “Pelican Town'' sign and more. For easy access to the interior, the roof can lift off in 3 separate pieces.
*Note: The front is not removable as shown, it was taken off for rendering purposes.

Why would this make a great set?

Stardew Valley is a very popular game, with a dedicated fanbase. Its relaxing and peaceful gameplay makes it a great game for all. The community center is, in my opinion, one of the most recognizable parts of the game, so it’s the natural choice to bring Stardew Valley into Lego bricks.. The plethora of interesting characters in-game also means that there are many opportunities for interesting minifigures to be included.  

Thanks for reading!

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