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Camp LEGO: Cabin


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The other day I was looking through the other LEGO creations and this idea came to me. I have created a LEGO summer camp cabin. It only took me five days to create and is my second project. I feel like a LEGO summer camp would be a really great LEGO Ideas set or mabey even a future line. 

I know that it looks really wierd in the picture but the outside of the cabin is covered in wood.

I will post more pictures soon, inside the cabin.

I figured that if this actually became a LEGO Ideas set they would add that cool "open the wall" thing like on the Fishing Store.

The minifiugure included in this set are: A couciler (on the porch), a male camper (inside the cabin with the paint), and a female camper (inside the cabin with the hairbrush).

Also inccluded in the set are: A dog (on the porch), a rat (by the flagpole), and finally a spider (hiding behind the bunk bed). 

I know in real summer camps the girls are in different cabins than the boys, but I feel that this set would just be incomplete without a girl and a boy.

I hope you guys like this set as much as I do. Please support, 10,000 HERE WE COME!

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