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DNA Double Helix

1) The submitted Lego model is based on the DNA double helix shape.

2) I made it as a gift for my daughter who is studying Biomedicine at university. I was looking for some kind of plastic DNA model and there is not much available online, and those that were available are very expensive, so I decided to make one out of Lego.

3) This would make a good Lego model because: (a) its a scientific model, potentially of interested to anyone studying science (biology in particular). (b) its educational, and could be used to help teach biology students about the structure of DNA. (c) the double helix is a pleasing form, and it makes a nice desktop sculpture in itself. (d) it would look very nice on a rotating platform. (e) its scalable - and could be constructed at different heights (depending on how many packs are used). (f) its challenging to construct which makes it very satisfying when completed. (g) the design requires only 3 brick types for the main helix design.

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