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Knights Connect 4 Challenge


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Knights Connect 4 Challenge



Who didn’t play anytime to “CONNECT 4”?!

An amazing table-game for two people; the goal is to put on line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) four own discs.

“Connect 4” is similar to tip tap toe, but the force of gravity make it single, due to the discs must be put inside a vertical grid located between the two players.

For me and my partner Rumens 85, lovers of strategy game, medieval adventures and LEGO, for sure, the solution can be only one: KNIGHTS CONNECT 4 CHALLENGE!

So, the enviroment for this very famous game is a medieval castle, and from its towers the brave knights, from two enemies kingdoms, can fight. No dragon, wizards or trolls to defeat, this time, no last-blood challenge; the knight’s force will be measured only by their cunning. Lay down swords and spears, let’s start the last-discs challenge!

The set has been built with LDD using more or less 960 bricks and 2 minifigures. The central structure makes the game core, and it’s more particoular due to the offset columns in which is possible to put the discs inside (the columns  also give architectural movement to all the set).

On the two sides of the game grid there are two big castle towers, that give to the set the castle appearance. On the top of the towers there are the two knights minifigures.

The discs must be put inside the different columns holes to start the game, and after the match is possible to choose to restart or to mantein the discs inside the grid to transport safely the set.

On the rear part is present a black botton; if someone pull back this one, a drawer will be opened and all the discs inside the grid will fall down inside the castle water-moat, able to be recupered by the players. Remember guys, a castle is not really that without a deep water moat around it!!!

No changes for number of rows and columns, like also for the colors, compared to classic CONNECT 4, but a particular aesthetics feature of the set is to have project the little windows for the discs with medieval shields form. Could be better if were painted the knight’s symbols on the discs face.

I hope that my idea, built also thanking Rumens 85 for is technic help, could thrill you as me, and, with your help, could make it real.

Luthy 87

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