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Hero Factory: Villain 2.0

This is the Villain Factory's strongest villain they've created. Fortunately, what they have in strength they lack in intelligence. Made to be head on fighters and brutes, these guys can tear the herocuffs right off their wrists with ease. This enemy will make a dangerous foe.

These guys are no ordinary villains like the Villain 1.0. With armor an inch thick, composed of the strongest known substance in the universe, a magnetic, slow moving liquid (don't ask me how that words, even Hero Factory's top scientists don't understand it) known as Luidiechal. This armor can withstand up to 1000 tons of force. They wield two armored fists, creating a heavy punch, and two of the most powerful portable laser drills on their shoulders. Also, on the back of each arm is a corrupted quaza spike that powers them. These spikes are made from quaza crystals grown off of the corrupted quaza crystals taken from Quatros. Their main weakness if that they're unintelligent, but a highly powered magnetic frequency can disrupt their armor enough to pierce it. The problem: The only magnetic source powerful enough to do that to the entire army of Villain 2.0s is the Hero Factory itself, and it risks permanently shutting down civilians running off magnetic power.

Stronger than anything the heroes have ever faced, but incredibly dumber, these guys just don't know when to quit... and that's a bad thing.

More villains coming soon.

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