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Ulfric - The Fallen Guardian


Ulfric - The Fallen Guardian - Once a great angel, honorable and justfull defender of the Island Morros. After 10000 years of endless battles with the evil forces, he began to question his purpose. After so many battles, the darkness consumed his mind and enslaved him to its own bidding. Now Ulfric stands as a tool of destruction and havoc, preying on the folk of Morros.

I began my journey with Lego bricks when I was a kid. After adulthood I saw the Digital Designer was available at the Lego website, so I checked it out and it was astonishing for me what capabilities it offered, So I took my effort and time to create my first model.  It was loosley based on standard Bionicle concepts regarding the torso, arms and legs. The main challenge was to compose the wings, so they would be fully articulated and they could be folded together for the character to stand on the earth without the wings spread.

In any means this is tribute to the old series of Bionicle models from a old builder, which were easy to build.  I think it would make a great product to the people which enjoyed the simplicity of the models they've built and made the impression at the same time. It is just a old-school aproach to the modern time models made from old parts.

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