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Sporty Muscle Car

 This is my vision of a muscle car with attitude and an aggressive stance. It measures 6 x 18 studs and has approximately 150 pieces. The creation of this first took a couple of hours of trying different techniques and elements. Then after getting some of the sleek lines flowing well, I found the direction that I wanted to go.

 Building this was inspired by Kit 76895. I bought a second kit to see the beauty of what else this model that moved to me and to see what else it could be. Having an idea of wanting to build another new design of a car for my collection was something that I wanted to do again.

 After having a pleasurable experience with this distinctive auto construction, I thought this would be a fun and fulfilling build for many to enjoy. If you think this has potential for a Lego idea, please support. If you do not just leave some criticism if you wish. 

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