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The Swing Carousel (Chair-O-Planes)



Everyone loves the fair, don't they? This carnival icon features 12 minifigures (plus a baby!), a pretzel and cookie stand to keep your minifigures well fed, ornate detailing on the carousel's top section, control booth, and sixteen chairs mounted on chains.

Measuring 39cm tall, 33cm deep, and 28cm wide, the Swing Carousel is well-scaled to minifigures. The striking colour scheme, unusual geometry, and elaborate patterns on the underside of the top section are sure to make an impression.

This ride functions exactly like its real-life counterpart. It uses several gears and a drive wheel to rotate the tilt of the top section's axis. When in motion, the quick rotation of the top section on its axis, coupled with the slower spin of its tilt, creates a mesmerising effect.

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