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The Tower of the Elements : Dungeon and Monsters


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Approach brave adventurers !
Don't be afraid, and enter the Tower of the Elements !

A thousand and one treasures, and a thousand and one dangers await you !

On each floor of the tower, you will face vile creatures !

A creature of nature, the plant monster will try by all means to poison you with its enchanted dagger. Beware, because the smallest hurt could be fatal to you !

Where the flame monster passes, only ashes and blackened wood remain !
Watch out for his flaming sword, or prepare to burn slowly !

Don't get cold feet when you face the ice creature !
Its powers will know how to cool you down, until it turns you into an ice cube !

The Tower of the Elements is a modular set with approximately 2250 bricks.
It is made up of 6 parts, all detachable to make it easier to play !

Enter if you are not afraid !

Will you embody the noble knight, the valiant warrior, or the wise magician ?

Thank you very much for supporting me in this project !
I hope you will have as much fun playing with it, as I enjoyed making it.

A big thanks you to all of you, adventurers !

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