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Ordensburg Marienburg - The Teutonic Castle in Malbork

Welcome to the biggest brick-built castle in the whole Europe!

The project is a model of a world-known castle which was the main headquarters of Teutonic Knights placed in Malbork in Northern Poland. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The building is in a 1:400 scale containing 1289 bricks.

This is an actual replica of a castle built in the first half of XV century. Historians estimate that its building process took about 150 years! The model includes the High Castle, the Middle Castle, the Tick Tower, the Palace of the Great Masters and more interesting castle places!

As a great looking historically-accurate model it looks amazingly on the shelf. It is also a great way to learn how the castles were built and what they contained in the Middle-Ages.

The black plate is meant to have a print on it. Unfortunately, I do not have access to programs where the brick edition is allowed due to technical problems. So use the power of imagination to see that there's written:

Ordensburg Marienburg
Built in: first half of XV century
Scale: 1:400
Dimensions: 14cm x 15,6cm
Location: Malbork, Poland

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Here are some links with sources:

Here you can see the instructions for this model and you can download it in a .lxf format (made in LDD), I also included some cool photos of this building there.
(for checking the instructions you need to download a .HTML file and the photos of every step folder then open the HTML file with your browser - I used Mozilla Firefox)

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