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Fantasy Insects


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What started as one "fabulously animal" for "The Lego Master Contest", became two tiny friends ...
(Still don't know how to subscribe them).

My challenge was to built (with the limited available forms and colors of Lego parts we have at home) an as small as possible, well balanced attractive creature, that can transform in different ways with maximal detail and an attractive appearance. 

They are surprisingly firm, for being so tiny and small.

No matter how you transform them (and there are lots of possible combinations in different directions), they always look nice from any point of view.

Depending on the transformation, the bugs look from cute and adorable to frightening and scary, from (semi-)realistic to fantastical, and most of the time, they remind you of something else (bee, grasshopper, lobster, ladybug, scorpion, ...).

I believe this is a great Lego Idea Set, because it's creative, original, unique and lovable.
It's a small set with lots of possibilities, that looks great and attractive.
Ideal for people to collect, or who doesn't have the space to store (of show off) big Lego Creations :-).

My son and I, named them Flaai and Flo, and while some lego creations get broke very fast at our home, these two are treated with gentle care and will last a very long time, we fell in love with them.

And we do really hope, you will love them too! 

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