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Monster Box : The Werewolf Hunt

Do you dare open the monster box ?

The wolf head might give you a hint about what is hidden inside. That's right! It's the werewolf's lair.
Beware hunter! It's a full moon night and the creature is on the loose. The only way to get rid of the terrible monster is to break the cursed werewolf stone deeply buried and well hid in the cave.

Will the hunter break the curse ? Where is the werewolf hiding ?

About the build

The set includes two minifigures : the hunter and the werewolf.
It has a total of 249 parts.
When the box is closed, the two minifigures fit in so you can move easily this set and play everywhere.
When the box is fully opened it turns into a playset with as much detail as I could fit inside.
I put a lot of effort in the stability when open and in the overall sturdiness.

I hope you'll like it ! If so: support and share ;)

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