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Conan in his first adventure. He must challenge the Skeleton King to become his first sword. And also he must be carefull about the animals in the cave. 

I try to show one of the first important scenes of the legendary Conan movie. I put a lot of stuff around, so you can handle it like a cave. The upper part can be disconnect, so you can look and play in the inside.

The set has 379 parts. In the set there are 6 Minifigures. 4 Skeletons, the Skeleton King and Conan himself. Every Minifigure has different stuff like Spears, Helmets and Armor. The sword that Conan wants is a golden one. The animals: Snake, Scorpion and 2 Spiders. Becauses there isnt any Conan set i hope you give it a try. It woul be a great adventure that can go on.

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