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The Battle of the Five Armies Add-on


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If you are a fan of The Hobbit, you probably know that The Battle of the Five Armies movie has not come out (quite) yet.  I tried to base what you see before you on what I saw from the trailers.  This set would include: two elven soldiers (one with a bow and one with a sword), Thranduil on his elk, two men from Lake Town (one with a sword and one with a bow), two dwarves of the Iron Hills with their rams, a troll with a catapult that 2 minifigures can ride on, Bolg, three warrior orcs, the front gate of Erebor, and some ruins of the once flourishing town of Dale.  I may possibly make Beorn.  I have gone with mostly unnamed characters, because most Lord of the Rings/Hobbit sets have specific minifigures for each set, and not generic minifigures (except for orcs).

The pictures took a ton of work (and time) to composite.  The pictures of all the warriors together are for example only, so if this becomes a set it would not include all of them.  It would include the two elven soldiers.

If you think something is missing or should be included, please comment, and tell me what you think of it.  Criticism is welcome and so are compliments.  If you think this project is worthy to become a set, please hit that support button, and follow this project.

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