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The Giver: Being Unique in a World of Sameness


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What is this?
The Giver is a futuristic novel by Lois Lowry, which received the Newbery Award in 1994. It is set in a community where the citizens have no emotions, no pain, and no color whatsoever. The story follows a boy called Jonah, who is called to be the new Receiver of Memory, a very important (but painful) job. The Receiver keeps all the memories in the world. If the Receiver was lost, all the memories would return to people and chaos would ensue. A man called The Giver shows Jonah this new world.

Why did I build it?
To capture how dreary the world would become without color: would you be willing to sacrifice color to get simplicity?

About this idea
This model depicts The Giver's study. It has many bookshelves piled with great reads, a spiral staircase, a desk piled with oddments and a large window. It has around 700 pieces and two minifigures!

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