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Magical Mystery Trinket Box

This is my Magical Mystery Trinket Box, inspired by Chinese and Oriental chests and cabinets in traditional colours of red, black and gold.

Containing two separate ring boxes, with adjustable interiors to fit any size ring (well most, you may struggle if you're a giant).
Accompanying the box is a small ornamental bonsai tree, which can also be incorporated into the box, replacing one of the ring boxes.
The box itself is made up of 5 main modular components, allowing you to arrange, rearrange and use the parts in a variety of different combinations.
The main compartment also includes a sliding or removable divider, allowing you to customise the interior to fit your items in a variety of ways.
And best of all, the main box includes a secret compartment, perfect for storing paper money, rare coins or small valuables, like gems and diamonds. Maybe even a secret note or map?

This is one of those ideas that just ran away with me!

The original purpose and intention was to build two ring boxes for my wedding, but as with any LEGO experience the idea took on a life of it's own and quickly expanded!
First by adding a small platform on which to display the boxes side by side, then came the miniature bonsai, designed to fit ion the space of one box.
The platform, then became the lid for a larger trinket box, which was then quickly encased in the display tray, for both detail and a more modular experience. Then I couldn't help myself and just had to add a secret compartment!

This is a LEGO IDEA in the truest and purest sense. A model born out of passion and an escalating idea. What's more, the build experience is the same as I had 30 years ago on my bedroom floor, bricks all over the place. No digital designer, no seeking out and purchasing of parts specific to the build, purely building with parts available in my own modest LEGO collection.
This in itself presented a challenge and an opportunity, allowing me to explore my own creativity from the parts available to me, challenging me to find solutions, both from a technical perspective, but also aesthetically.