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Toyota AE86


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Toyota Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno (AE86)
This car is very famous in Initial D.
The main character of the anime and manga Initial D, Takumi Fujiwara, uses his father's AE86 Trueno Apex Hatchback for racing and making his tofu deliveries.
The Levin has fixed-headlights, and the Trueno has retractable headlights. The AE86 (1,587cc model) and AE85 (1,452 cc model) is rear wheel drive.
The AE85 feature a SOHC engine for fuel efficiency, where as the AE86 have a DOHC engine for more power.
Both the Levin and Trueno variants were offered with either a 2-door coupe or 3-door hatchback body style. The models sold between 1983–1985 are early period model, and the models sold from 1986–1987 are latter period model.
I made a early period model that was produced from 1983 to 1985.
Can open the bonnet and the door.
2-door model can open the trunk.
Can fold the side mirrors.
The left and right rear seats can be folded.
Removing the trunk floor mat, there is a spare tire.
Can change to various models by changing parts.
Specifications (Corolla Levin 3door)
Length 12.6 in
Height 4.25 in
Width 4.69 in
Wheelbase 7.24 in
Tread  3.78 in
Weight 1.83 Ib
Scale 1:13
トヨタ カローラレビン/スプリンタートリーノ(AE86)
アニメと漫画のイニシャルDの主人公、藤原拓海は父のAE86 スプリンタートレノを使ってレースと豆腐の配達を行っています。
レビンにはヘッドライトが固定されており、トレノにはリトラクタブルヘッドライトが付いています。 AE86(1,587ccモデル)とAE85(1,452ccモデル)は後輪駆動です。
レビンとトレノには、2ドアクーペまたは3ドアハッチバックがあります。 1983〜1985年の間に販売されたモデルは初期モデルであり、1986〜1987年に販売されたモデルは後期モデルです。
仕様(カローラレビン 3ドア)
全長 320 mm
全高 108 mm
全幅 119 mm
ホイールベース 184 mm
トレッド 96.0 mm
重量 828 g
スケール 1:13

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