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The Mine


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This is a big mine with three different caves to mine in. There is also a drilling machine and a truck that carries jewels that have been found.

Both the truck and the driller have windows that you can open on the top so you can get the minifigure out of the vehicle.

The fist cave is on the left corner. The top comes off, so you can see all of the jewels and the gold coins hidden inside.

The next cave is in the middle. On the top there is a mound of rock, but if you take off the sides, there is a jewel inside. On the inside there is a wall that you can move away and there is a treasure chest behind the wall. There is a golden plate and a golden sword hanging on the walls.

The next cave is on the right corner. To get there, you have to cross an old bridge to go through the entrance of the cave. On the inside there is treasure on the wall.

Outside the caves there is a plain with one apple tree. There is water and sand at the end of the plain.

If you want this idea to become a set, please support it so maybe one day you could have it!!!😃⛏⚒🚚🔦

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