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Castaway Island

When I saw the LEGO Castaway minifigure I imagined an Island for him. As it is a tropical island, I've putted as much fauna and flora as I could to give that idea without exaggerating, adding a net for him to rest, and in the cave, there is a fire pit and some food being cooked. 

In the main side of the island, there's the Ground-To-Air Emergency Code for food and water, its close enough to the fire pit, so if some smoke sign is needed, it's just a step away. Also, a flag for him to call attention of ships or planes.

As he is asking only for food and water, seems that he doesn't want to leave the island. 

When I look to it, I feel glad. It shows a lot of details and a healthy environment. I think this set would be enjoyed both by kids and adults, not only because it's easy to build, but it's easy to add things to it, and would be a great addition to all pirates sets.

It's a size of 32x32 and about 500 pieces.

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