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Yellow Convertible Hot Rod


Here is a Lego hot rod car that I built.  The car and the minifigure are made up of around 90 pieces, most of them yellow, grey, and black.  The car includes a nice grey engine, with a total of six exhaust pipes - three per side.  There is also a nice seat for a minifigure, a windshield, steering wheel, and a nice yellow color scheme.  The car also includes lights in the front and back, as well as license plates.  There are a total of four wheels - smaller ones in the front, and bigger ones in the back.  Overall, I think this hot rod looks pretty good, and it would be fun to take it for a drive.

 The reason I built this model is because I like to build with Lego, and I like vintage, cool, and classic cars.  I also wanted to build a hot rod because I hadn't ever built one before, and I thought it would make a fun challenge, which, of course, it did.

I think this model would make a great Lego set because hot rods are very classic and cool vintage cars.  This model, since it isn't very big, would also make a very nice and affordable Lego set, and would be great for play and display.  This model would be great for any fan of Lego, hot rods, classic cars, and vintage cars. 

Thanks for checking out my model, and please support it.  Go and check out the other models that I have posted too! 

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