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LEGO Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Islands

With this project, I am attempting to bring the world of Kingdom Hearts into LEGO form. This popular series, created by Disney and Square Enix, is filled with characters and locations that would be fantastic in LEGO form. As well, the series is family-friendly, so it would not contradict the LEGO company's ideals and standards. Please take a look!

The set I have chosen to represent the series is one based on Destiny Islands. It is the home of the main protagonist, Sora, as well as his two best friends, Riku and Kairi. Destiny Islands is a sort of paradise, and this area is where children from the mainland come to play. This is the first world to be explored in the series, so anyone who has played the game remembers it.

Unfortunately, I was forced to eliminate previous models for various reasons. For more information, please see my blog: LEGO Kingdom Hearts

Here is the inside of the shack. It features curved stairs that lead to the upper level.

This is the cave under the tree. Sora, Riku and Kairi keep this place a secret, and the walls are littered with drawings in the game. Strangely, there is a mysterious door which nobody seems able to open. What does it mean? I can't tell; it's a spoiler.

Kairi, Sora and Riku watching the sunset, pondering why they live on this world and didn't wind up on another, and discussing their plan to travel to new worlds.

Yes, the minifigures should have printing. I will work on that.

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