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Nerds Like Us Vignette


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NERD- Alert

This is my first vignette. After my last project Nerds like us, I decide to create a nerd vignette.

This is the little brother from my nerd project. And again: "To be or not to be (a nerd), that is the question. This set is a homage to our fan-dom, our brick-dom and our nerd-dom. I hope enough from you support this project and share it with your friends. I appreciate being part of this friendly community. Incidentally, I improve also my English.

Now it is time for your nerd outing and this vignette can stand on your desk. I know there are so many of us now.

Thank you to everyone for the support and your comments! I hope you like and please share it with your friends! A special thank go to my faithful friends here on lego ideas. It makes me happy! AWI

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