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Ninja Multi-Vehicle


this is ninja vehicle which can turn to a submarine, boat, plane and a three wheel  motto or car. it has awesome wing weapons to. the design was piked from kirby. why don't they add kirby to lego.                                This sets include an awesome vehicle with one ninja and weapon.  

Ninjago is a very nice film. This set is to give ideas for the next season of ninjago. This can be a vehicle for the new ninja. It is a high speed performer and can be used for awesome tricks. I will build the robot transform of this vehicle for all to enjoy.  

It will be nice for people to enjoy this vehicle.

It had to think really hard to get the right pieces to get the star shape. 


The name of the character is Silvertails 

The mane was picked from sonic that can also be a nice show which can be brought to lego. By the way he has a light saber sword whichever is yellow and ha the power to copy people's powers through his yellow energy.

It contains 150 bricks and it took me two days to do it so please give me the support.



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