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Pick your Playlist!

Let's take a look at what's behind a classic jukebox.
Let's take a deep look at where the music is coming from... And here we go!
Pick your favorite musical genre and place it on stage, ready to be played by the jukebox.
You would like to hear something different? Pick up some bricks and build your own musician to add on the stage.

The build
- 1076 part in total
- The jukebox can be opened on top to reveal the discs mechanism. Discs and playlist tag could be personalized with print tiles or stickers. (I didn't add any lights, but it would be a great touch!)
- The stand has the shape of a stage and supports the floor below the jukebox.
- Six musical genres represented (Classic, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Dance and Rap), including eight minifigures.

I hope you will like it and support it.

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