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Tree Climbing Club


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Welcome to the Tree Climbing Club, where a fun (and safe) experience is guaranteed for fellow minifigures!

This 1699 pieces idea (including extra foliage) comes with 4 minifigures and 2 LEGO animals: a lovely family of three, a club supervisor (that's also an enthusiastic forest guard!), his fuzzy companion and a wild horse. It consists of 6 different stages and 5 distinguished paths that connect them:

  • Stage 1: This is where the fun begins! It’s not too difficult but it sure gives a first impression of heights, which is why our minifigures can count on a safety-rope to hang themselves while climbing these uneven stairs (can we even call those stairs?)
  • Stage 2: Here, our minifigures need to go through a bridge made of four long flat-brick bars... BUT BE CAREFUL as their reduced width requires meticulous steps! After crossing the bridge, our adventurers can notice the delightful smell of the wild lavender plants beneath.

  • Stages 3 & 4: In order to reach Stage 3, crossing four unstable vertical logs is needed, but I promise it's worth it as the delicious sound of the river awaits us further on. As soon as our climbers get tranquilized by these nature sounds it is time to be daring again… IT'S TIME FOR A SPECTACULAR SKATEBOARD RIDE OVER THE RIVER (it's Stage 4)! It sure looks frightening, but it is the only way of getting onto the next challenge. Those that want to stay behind can always engage on fishing activities beside the water course beneath!

  • Stage 5: Oh-oh. It might be getting too high for our adventurers liking... Nothing a spark of courage can't solve. After all, are they minifigures or sparkle-golems that like to party on Monday mornings? Minifigures of course! (even though the second option also sounds pretty cool!) As soon as they cross the bridge, they'll be able to enjoy the amazing view of the woods, one that can only be seen at these heights!

  • Stage 6: Here they go! They got to the best part of any tree climbing trail: THE ZIPLINE!!! Even the club's supervisor joins the fun! And do you know what's best than going down a zipline? Getting to eat sweet marshmallows with family, friends and four-footed pals by the campfire! What an awesome way to finish the day!

The idea also includes a central cabin. The cabin might be small but it's of big importance as it stores the necessary equipment for our adventurers' safety. Fear not! as the solar panel on its roof creates the energy necessary to light-up the lanterns across the tree climbing course when it's dark!

It doesn't matter if you'd rather unite with nature during the warm colours of Autumn or the lifeful pallet of Summer and Spring; the Tree Climbing Club is open during all those seasons. YOU choose the colours of your natural environment. Want to mix spring and autumn in one go? Want to deprive your trees of leaves and give Winter some love as well? THEN GO FOR IT!


This idea came up to me after a big change in my life – moving country. As I moved from a country set in the Mediterranean to one placed in northern Europe, I noticed a big change in both its fauna and flora: AND I GOT AMAZED BY IT! I fell in love with its forests just by how pretty they looked all the way from Spring until Autumn, with its natural colour fest.

This was the first spark. However, the “Tree Climbing” part of the idea popped up when I went through a memory-lane and remembered one time I went tree climbing on a late friend’s birthday party. I also remembered how much I got engaged in heights and nature; I really liked it then! So, I went searching for tree climbing club in my current country and ended up with a LEGO Idea. Weird? Maybe a bit, but it is understandable since LEGO has been a part of my life ever since I can remember.


With this idea I intend to transfer onto people the same love I developed for nature and its beauty and thus, hope to increase awareness on its current endangerment. Along with this telluric side, the Tree Climbing Club includes many play-features as well, making it suitable for all ages interested. The fact that one can choose among different foliage colours and personalise their LEGO experience is key in this set idea. 


  • The vibrant colour foliage for both Spring and Autumn pallets (consisting of Bright Green combined with Bright Yellowish Green leaves and Reddish Orange combined with Bright Orange leaves, respectively) is a key feature in this set, depicting how amazed I feel about the various colours of nature and its beauty;
  • In order to give emphasis to the trees and tree climbing paths, I used less colour variation and contrast on other natural elements and cabin;
  • Since all stages use the same building technique for the trees and soil, I tried to have something different amongst these by including different tree climbing paths, different nature scenarios and distinguished “small plants” and nature elements: stage 1 has a small rock near the path, stage 2 has lavender plants and a bunny (as well as a squirrel on top of the tree), stage 3 & 4 include a small river and fishing spot, on stage 5 you can find some mushrooms next to the tall tree and stage 6 has a campfire and log benches around it;
  • The red flour inside the cabin is a tribute to my native country (Portugal), while the wild horse is inspired by the Belgian draught, one of the biggest horse species in the world; 
  • I imagined the purple flours in stage 6 as being wild pansy flowers (Viola tricolor), a personal favourite.

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