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Castle Bridge Stone

Once upon a time...
Somewhere in the woods, was a hidden Castle, near a stone bridge. The castle had a secret...
Save the princess locked in the tower! Find the hidden key. Only you can do it! The white owl knows where the key is hidden.

The inspiration for this set are the classic sets from the castle series.

The most important features:
  • six minifigures (Princess, Wizard, Archer, Peasant, Knight, Dragon Knight and Skeleton)
  • animals (horse, frog, spider, owl)
  • crystalic river water,
  • big tree,
  • part of forest with a castle garden,
  • a lot of plants and flowers,
  • castle tower with a balcony,
  • wagon with foods,
  • many castle accessories,
  • fountain,
  • three rooms in the castle (dungeon with a monument, wizard's room, princess' room)
  • catapult on tower

This set is perfect for everyone not only for castle lovers.
Set has many fun options and many of details and accessories. Adults and children will love it!
Perfect for every kid.

Support the project and see for yourself!

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