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Star Wars the Old Republic Baras' Quarters with Sith Warrior's Crew

This is Darth Baras' Quarters. Baras is an extremely important character for Sith Warriors in Star Wars the Old Republic. This is a simple look of his quarters with nothing more than a table, gaurd and a sith artifact behind him, Baras is the one in the chair, My Sith Warrior is the one with the lightsabers, and the Gaurd. I hope lego takes the liberty of making this set worth buying if i get to 10,000 voters. Check my other pictures for more info on what this set includes. Such as all the companions youca receive as a sith Warrior in SWTOR, and my 3 varients for the Sith Warrior minifigure. And again, this set pic is a bad prototype, its just an idea of what it will really look like. so please support me if you like SWTOR and i plan to make more SWTOR Class-based sets in the future! :D

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These are the companions of the Sith Warrior that will be in the set. the far left one is Vette, then Pierce, then the service droid, then Jaesa Wilsaam (Dark Side), then Malovai Quinn, and finally Broonmark. Edited 6/10/12

this is my closest LDD design for my SWTOR character. A sith Marauder, Zabrak. The far left one is wearing a hooded cloak, the middle and far right is the one wearing a respirator (not sure which one looked more like a respirator) to get a view of the real respirator, look at a pic of Darth Malgus. As you can see he has garmadons head, however it should be Darth Mauls head (red Markings). His lightsabers are different colors and different hils because the lightsaber looks vary in many different ways in SWTOR. If you do not know about SWTOR this could also be a way to add a Zabrak to your sith collection. If it ever becomes a set, i truly hope Lego makes a Zabrak worth buying (one that looks like a SWTOR one)

These are my better versions of Baras and His gaurd in the set (top picture). Not perfect of course but i feel its much better than the original ones.

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