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The 4 Islands Game

This set is a board game, It has 357 pieces, and contains 4 minifigures,4 diamonds,1 dice and 1 game board.
 The board is made up of 4 islands; lava from a volcano, a desert, a jungle and the sea

 I built it because I was bored at home and decided to build my own lego board game.

This set must be an official Lego set, because if you are bored at home you can play with your family and have fun for several hours.

 The objective of the game is: get more than one diamond from any island and the winner will be the one with the most diamond on your island.


To obtain a diamond, the player must go to the roulette by rolling the dice until reaching the center, when they arrive they must turn the roulette and indicate the island to which they must go.

To get to the island, you will be in front of the road to the indicated island and there you will start the adventure to get the diamond and take it to your island (the diamonds are inside the buildings).

Instruccions of the dice:
Each color mean a number

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