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Dropship with Clone Tank

This version of a Clone tank with dropship. it has two tie cockpits with parrallel guns and rockets that can move independently into any direction. The dropship is stationed at the Star Wars Star Port and can be used to transport a small version clone tank. It is also good for recovery and fire support missions.

This is a rear view of the dropship next to a clone tank. The hooks that are used to grab cargo are clearly visible. You can turn the weel to open and close the hooks. Two technic mini linear actuators are used to drive the hooks.

The engines can be rotated into vertical take off position as shown above. All other engines will follow if you rotate one engine since they are connected by technic axles and gears. Also the cockpit position can be changed. Each cockpit parrallel guns can be aimed at an indipendent target. The picture above also shows the cockpits in a rotated position.

Another picture of the dropship on the Star Wars Star Port.

A more detailed picture of the clone tank. The rear cargo bay and the drivers hatch are opened in this picture.

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