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Blacksmith - Wild West


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Welcome to the Wild West!

The Wild West has been inspiring many people for a long time. Despite its harshness, it has been a place of great opportunity!

The blacksmith shop is a Wild West style one-story building with vertical dark red boarding. It has a living area and a workshop. A sliding door leads from the living area to the workshop. The living area is well-equipped. There you will find everything to live comfortably, a stove for heating and warming food, a table, and a bed. A blacksmith lives there with his wife, who also helps him in the workshop. In the workshop we can find a blast furnace, anvils, a grinding wheel. There is also a place for shoeing horses. And outside, a helper repairs the wagon. We also have a large supply of water in a barrel, a wood store, and a place to chop wood. I tried to convey the atmosphere of the wild west. We can find a lot of details here. Every piece of furniture and every element I wanted to work out in every detail. Several elements refer to my other models. 

The project includes 5 minifigures:
Blacksmith's wife
Blacksmith's helper
Elegant Lady

Is it time for the Wild West to return to LEGO?

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