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Cat Bus from "My Neighbor Totoro"


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This is the Cat Bus you can really play with!

You can turn its head, wiggle the fluffy tail, open the bus door (or roof) and let the little figures in.

There is a joint at the jaw so the cat can roar, too.

All legs are movable. Front and back legs move back and forth; middle legs move sideways. (In the movie "My Neighbor Totoro", when the Cat Bus runs fast on the cable line, it raises middle legs to help balance!)

I made two simple animations to demostrate the movable parts of the Cat Bus:

Thank you for your support. :)

p.s. I don't have big collection of bricks, so please forgive me some mismatched brick colors, for example, the teeth are not all white, the left whiskers are gray and right are black, or the roof is half red and half orange (while it should be all brown).
Of course if this LEGO IDEA project gets 10,000 supporters, we can make its color perfect. ;)