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Jumanji of 1995


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My project idea represents the movie Jumanji of 1995
This was one of my first movies I watched at the cinema and is one of my absolute favourites.

The Lego Idea takes place on three levels:
- the ground floor with the room submerged by water with the crocodile and the big chandelier and the other room with       the fireplace and the two sofas.
- the first floor with Alan's room and his parents' room...
- the second floor which would then be the attic where the main scene full of objects takes place.

I was not willing to represent a simple building with its minifigures but I would like that those who started building had the chance to relive the whole film brick by brick.
I have the possibility to create Alan's house and then add the water and the crocodile,  then the plant that comes out of the fireplace and the vegetation that invades the rooms, and finally open the whole house as the final scene of the movie.
A game within a game.

The soul of this project is in the details and there are several details to be found if you look closely.
There are seven minifigures and each of the figures has its own distinguishable features.

1- Alan just returned from the Jungle with his knife;
2- Alan without the beard and ready to play again;
3- Sarah with her scared look and her bat;
4- Judy with her poisoned flower;
5- Peter with his transformation into a monkey after cheating;
6- Van Pelt, the hunter, with his rifle and his dirty uniform;
7- Carl said "boiling lace", the policeman, with the unlucky car and the spiteful monkey with the rifle

What are you waiting for? Start building Alan's house and shout the name Jumanji out loud as soon as you're done.  

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