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Vote Off - The results

Sorry it's taken me so long to release the results. The winner for the Cat is the blue design! And for the Mouse it's a tie between Yellow and Orange!

Now I'm still not sure how select a winner for the mouse yet. Hopefully, I'll figure it out.


Vote Off - Update (and across the line!)

The Vote Off has come to a close and I'm now pondering over the results. I'll be posting up another update soon. A huge thank you to those who participated. 


Vote Off - Update (12 hours to go!)

Almost there everyone, the Vote Off is coming to a close today (30th April 21:00 GMT). 

Here's a last recap of the rules:

You must log in to LEGO Ideas and click on the comments page of this project. When you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll find a list of the designs and you just click the 'like' button next to your favourites (see example above).

List of designs for cat:

  • Blue (original design)
  • Camouflage
  • Grey
  • Ginger

List of designs for mouse:

  • Red
  • Orange (original design)
  • Yellow
  • Dark Green
  • Bright Blue
  • Medium Lilac

Sorry but separate comments will NOT count.


Vote Off - Update (1 week to go!)

We are almost there folks, the deadline for the Vote Off is approaching. Also the Flexi-Cat project has now reached over 200 supporters! Thank you to all who have supported.

The results so far:


  1. Blue: 4 likes
  2. Ginger and Grey: 3 likes
  3. Camouflage: 1 like


  1. Orange and Yellow: 2 likes
  2. Red: 1 like
  3. The rest: 0 likes

Remember to vote in the comments by clicking the 'like' button next your favourite designs.


Vote Off - Update (2 weeks to go!)

2 weeks to go until Vote Off comes to a close and so far the top picks are: Blue cat and Yellow mouse. The results so far:


  1. Blue: 3 likes
  2. Ginger and Grey: 2 likes
  3. Camouflage: 1 like


  1. Yellow: 2 likes
  2. Red and Orange: 1 like
  3. Others: 0 likes

But remember these results can very easily change. To vote, go to the comments and click the 'like' button beside your favourite designs.


Vote Off - Update (3 weeks to go!)

3 weeks until the Vote Off deadline! Time to look at the results so far:


  1. Blue and Grey: 2 likes
  2. Ginger and Camouflage: 1 like


  1. Red: 1 like
  2. Everyone else: Nothing

At some point (hopefully by next week) I'll create an image of the winning designs so far so you can see if the designs work well together.

Remember to like your favourite designs in the comments if you haven't already.


Vote Off - Update (Extended Deadline)

Yes, I'm extending the deadline of the Vote Off to April 30th 21:00 GMT. Also I'm thinking about putting out weekly updates up till this deadline so let's see what happens.

The results so far for the cat is: 

  1. Blue and Grey: 3 likes
  2. Ginger: 2 likes
  3. Camouflage: 1 like

For the mouse all the designs are still tied with 1 like each.

If you haven't voted yet go ahead and the 'like' button beside your favourite designs in the comments. Your vote counts!


Vote Off - Update

With the Vote Off coming to an end I've decided to look at results so far. For the cat, the blue and grey designs have 2 likes each and the orange and camouflage designs have 1 like each. And all the mouse designs have 1 like each.

Will I extend the deadline? Maybe, I'll see what happens in the next week. If you haven't voted yet go ahead and click the 'like' button in the comments beside your favourite design.


The Vote Off is on!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! And big thank you to the 151 people who have supported this project so far!

The vote off is now on! At the moment there are 4 cat design options to choose from: Blue, Ginger, Grey and Camouflage. And there are 6 mouse designs to choose from: Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Bright Blue and Medium Lilac.

How do you vote for your favourites? It’s simple, I (StripedWolf237) have put a list of the design choices in the comments section and all you need to do is press the ‘like’ button next to the options you… like. Separate comments saying which option you picked (including all forms of other social media) will NOT count.

Have you got an idea for another design choice? Mention it in the comments and if I accept it I’ll post up an update with the voting option. If enough people share their ideas near the end of the deadline I might extend the deadline.

The deadline for the vote off is 21:00 (London GMT) 31st of March 2017.


Blue (Original)











Red, Orange (Original), Yellow, Dark Green, Bright Blue, Medium Lilac

Remember the Flexi-dog project is undergoing the vote off too! Click on this link to bring you to the project’s update page:


The film is out!

Check out the film here:

Remember the vote off is coming soon!