Product Idea

Department Store

Welcome to the Department Store where you can find many things for your everyday needs. The ground floor is the clothing level featuring hangers for shirts and pants, a table with shoeboxes, checkout lane and a cosmetics table. The second floor is the furniture level. It features two lamps, two beds, dresser, table and chairs, couch, chair and a side table with lamp. The third floor is the appliance level which features a toaster, coffee maker, microwave, oven, kitchen mixer, fridge, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner and a desk fan. The final floor is the roof which features a trapdoor to enter the roof and a skylight. The backside of this building features a power generator and a dumpster with some old pants (take a closer look at them).

This building is compatible with the modular building series and measures 10” tall and 10” wide. This building also includes 5 minifigures.

I built this set because I like designing buildings and furniture/appliances. I feel like this would be a great set because it fits well with the other buildings.

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