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Civilization: Beyond Earth Worker Mech


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When human beings settle alien planets, they’re going to need to build farms, quarries, paddocks for alien wildlife, habitation domes, and generators. Who gets to do all that hard work? The Worker unit! Designed by concept artist Mike Bazzell, the worker unit in Civilization: Beyond Earth will change equipment depending on its current job. This model is based on the front end loader, used to build quarries and mines. This Worker is ready to tackle any world, from harsh arid planets to miasma-laden fungal planets.

I work at Firaxis Games, and for the release of Civilization: Beyond Earth, I got to design this kit as a present for the studio. The set includes the Worker Mech, one complete minifigure with an optional female head, a Firaxis Sticker for the Bucket, and printed instructions. Total part count 187. A big shout-out to all the folks at Firaxis who kept the secret and helped collate the parts correctly in each set. It’s great to work for a company that buys you LEGO as a present!

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