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Hiker's Paradise - A Cosy Wooden Mountain Hut


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Welcome hikers and climbers!

This cosy wooden mountain hut is the perfect place to recover after a long hiking trip. Enjoy your stay with some fresh milk and homemade food like cheese or cake.
Hang up your hikingsticks and enjoy the breathtaking view on the surrounding mountains. Listen to the sounds of nature and recover from your tour. In the evening you can watch the sunset on the terrace. Stay here for the night and go on hiking on the top of the mountain tomorrow.


About this set:

This is the first release of my alpine hut. I started to build this model almost one year ago. I made a lots of improvements since I placed the first brick. So it took me a lot of days to design the removable wooden-style roof and the terrace including the cobblestones.

- Modular building
- Wooden style, cosy and rustic
- Removable roof (You can remove only one side or both)
- Of course you can also remove the second floor for a deeper look inside the hut
- Four beds for tired hikers on the second floor
- A cosy guestroom on the first floor with a romantic chimney and a small kitchen
- Six minifigures incl. three hikers
- A lot of animals like cows, chickens, cats, dogs and birds
- Much more small details like Rock Cairns or a place to chop wood


A stay in this rustic alpine hut is one of the best experiences you can have in the outdoors. It is the perfect basecamp for a long hiking weekend in the mountains. The place to be for all LEGO-hikers!

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