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Haunted House

Two brave souls wander into the haunted house. They walk past a ripped chair and through the kitchen. The only thing remotely scary so far is the rat that just ran past their feet. At one side of the kitchen a ladder leads to the second floor. They cautiously climb it and find themselves in someone’s old room. At the end of the room there is a closet. Suddenly, the closet starts shaking and out pops a skeleton! The two that wandered in now start to run out but the old floor gives out right under their feet! They scramble to get away but see a ghost blocking the doorway! They’re trapped! How will they get out? 

I decided to build a haunted house around Halloween. I typically build something every holiday to display in my house but they are usually small. I decided that I would make something bigger and here we are! A haunted house.

This build has many moving parts besides the door. If you pull out the piece that the bat is hanging on, a piece of the second floors floor falls out. You can use the knob sicking out the side of the build to rattle the closet or just open the closet door to reveal the skeleton inside. 

This build includes:
1 girl minifigure
1 boy minifigure
1 ghost
1 skeleton
1 rat/mouse
1 teddy bear
1 bat
2 spiders

If you have any ideas or tips to help me improve the build, don't be afraid to comment!

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