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Horse Drawn Romani Caravan (Hinge-open Design)


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Hello everyone! This a lovely vintage style gypsy caravan which incorporates a hinge-open design along with numerous other play features and accessories. I used a combination of reddish brown, dark brown and tan bricks to give the caravan the desired 'wooden' look. The set requires around 700 parts to build and would also make a great display piece.

Features and Playability:

1) The side panel with the rose bush folds down to reveal a set of steps leading to the caravan interior.

2) Hinge-opening side walls sections

3) Hinge-Opening Roof

4) Roof has a secret compartment which can be used to store the horse hitches when not in use  

5) Includes a folding ladder which can be used to access the roof

6) The folding ladder fits neatly on one side of the caravan

7) Fully furnished kitchen, with a stove, wall mounted cabinets and shelves, wash basin and numerous other accessories.

8) Fold-down bed on one side

9) Includes a toilet which can slide into a small cabinet on the other side.

10) The portable toilet bowl and the wash basin has hinge-opening lids.

11)  Two water barrels towards the rear of the caravan supply the kitchen and the toilet with water (the blue one supplies the kitchen)

12) Includes two secret compartments under the caravan floor which can be used to store folding chairs and table and a treasure chest with precious jewels.

13) Lots of plants, herbs and potions (probably used for alchemy)


1) 1 doll with green eyes and black hair, blue dress and cape.

2) 2 kittens

3) 2 Horses

I hope you all like my project.

Thanks for viewing.  

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